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Edward S. Curtis: The North American Indian, an exhibition of national significance, opened on Thursday, May 11 with a Native American Blessing Ceremony and a public reception.

Curtis’s portraits of Native Americans and their landscapes, lifestyles, and rituals have become iconic over the past century, and not without controversy. The entire collection of 723 original photogravures from The North American Indian portfolio, along with all 20 volumes and Native American artifacts, will be on display through September 10, 2017.

The North American Indian explores the depth, breadth, and lasting cultural legacy of Edward Curtis’s monumental work. Curtis undertook a 30-year quest to create a historical record of what he believed to be a “vanishing race,” photographing Native Americans and documenting the rich and varied cultures of 117 named tribes, groups, and clans. Most of these tribes still survive today, despite half millennia of ordeals and obstacles. The exhibition, both survey and critique, tells the story of one of the most prominent photographers of his time who sacrificed everything for his work on The North American Indian, only to die in obscurity.

A series of special programs will accompany the exhibition.  Special Programs List

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