SHIFT/ Glass by Daniel Clayman

October 12 through January 21, 2018
Shift Glass by Daniel Clayman

Daniel Clayman
2010, glass, aluminum shelf,
9 x 80 x 10.25 inches
Photo by Mark Johnston

SHIFT/ Glass by Daniel Clayman examines the career of Daniel Clayman through a development of recurring ideas, punctuated by singular pieces that informed his evolution as an artist. From theater lighting to discrete objects to room-size installations, this exhibition, comprised of objects selected by the artist, looks from the beginning of his practice to the full circle return to the shaping of the space we inhabit. This body of works specifically addresses his ongoing explorations of the ability of glass forms to hold light and air, or to break and divide them. The smoky, semi-transparent glass both reflects and diffuses the light, revealing subtle color characteristics within both the physical object and its transmitted light and cast shadows.

Light is the most critical component of Daniel Clayman’s work, and was the inspiration that led him to the medium of glass. The artist attributes the beginning of his artistic career to a love of the theater, a love inspired by his attendance, as a boy of seven, at a performance of Peter Pan starring Mary Martin. The theater stage is a carefully constructed illusion of object and light, where subtle manipulations alter how the actors move and are perceived. Clayman’s interest in the controlled play of light led him to study lighting design in the Theater and Dance Department at Connecticut College. He left school to work in the professional world of theater, dance, and opera, touring around the country with various productions before finally succumbing to the exhaustion of the pace of that career. In 1980 he took a glass blowing course, and after a series of travels to the studios of glass artists across the U.S., Clayman enrolled at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1983, graduating with a BFA in 1986. From that point, he has worked as a glass artist and instructor. LEARN MORE

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